Due to my new work status as a self-employed educational speaker/trainer (see for more), 2017 will see the introduction of an administration fee for schools wishing to participate in the Excelsior Awards. The fee will be £15.00. This is only a relatively small increase on top of the £45 that primary schools already spend to buy in the shortlisted books. In the past I have always managed to incorporate it into my librarian's role at wherever I was working. Now, as a freelancer, I need to be more responsible towards my personal finances and can't just run it as a hobby in my spare time anymore (not that I get much of that!). With 250 schools now taking part, running the Excelsior Award really does take up a lot of my time throughout the whole year.

There are two options:

  • £15.00 to register your school and take part in the 2017 Excelsior Award only (20 Euros for schools outside the UK). You will then need to source a retailer to deliver you the shortlisted books yourself.
  • £60.00 (maximum - could be less, depending on what books are selected for this year's shortlist) to register your school and have your order for one set of the shortlisted books delivered to your school courtesy of our new Official Book Supplier Sheffield Space Centre.

As a registered school you will have access to all the resources (Rating Forms, posters, etc.) you need to run the Excelsior Award Junior in your school, downloadable from the website with a special password provided to you via e-mail.

Any questions, please use the Contact Us page of this website.

Many thanks.

Paul Register